International Gamelan Festival’s third day, Saturday 11 August 2018, at Fort Vastenburg stage featured Art School Rogojampi (Banyuwangi), Yohanes Subowo (Yogyakarta), Pardiman Djoyonegoro and Omah Cangkem (Yogyakarta), Siswa Sukra (UK), Sunardi and SMKI (Yogyakarta), Wendo Setiyono (Purbalingga), and Surakarta artist Dwi Priyo Sumarto. Fort Vastenburg was full house with an audience braving the cold weather that night.

The performers showcased their best works. The night opened with Blambangan Art School’s fascinating performance, “Tembang Jajang”. The composition included Banyuwangi cultural elements, combining angklung and traditional chanting, as well as dancing.

Next was Yohanes Subowo and friends performing “Crossing of The Sound” with various instruments. Later, youngsters and children of all ages in Omah Cangkem took the stage. The group, led by Pardiman Djoyonegoro, performed “Cangkem Bertaburan” a capella accompanied by slendro gamelan. The combination revived a traditional song with a dash of pop and comedy.

The audience was taken back to a traditional nuance with classical klenengan by Siswa Sukra. Whereas Sumardi and SMKI displayed the originality of gending gamelan with a different twist, adding shadows as a visual element of the show.

The cold night dampened spirits somewhat, but Wendo Setiyono’s dynamic calung reignited the audience. Closing the night was Dwi Priyo and friends, with their contemporary composition “Manunggal”. They combined Javanese gamelan instruments with western music and chanting in a spirited piece. Dwi Priyo tried to add novelty to gamelan. Onstage dynamics were taken up a notch as a rapper hit the stage, echoing the style of Yogyakarta’s Jogja Hip-hop Foundation. It energized the audience and became a real eye-opening final act.

At the end of the show, Djaduk Ferianto with Gondrong Gunarto and Bambang S.P. as music observers gave awards to two groups and three artists who had been influential in developing gamelan as an art. The awards are given to art communities in order to revitalize regional culture. The Office of Cultural Value Preservation (BPNB) decided to announce Lembaga Incling Krumpyung (Kulon Progo DIY), Sanggar Seni Tradisional Moro Seneng (Kebumen), Joko Porong (Surabaya), Sunardiyanto (Banyuwangi), and Pardiman Djoyonegoro (Yogyakarta) as recipients of the award. The award was given by BPNB head Zainul Azzah, Mhum, to the recipients. IGF had given three days’ full of complex musical entertainment. (Keriyana Mahanani)