Gotong royong (mutual assistance) has become the beating heart of Central Sulawesi people's lives. There it is called sintuvu, which is derived from the word tuvu, meaning life. Meanwhile, 'si' is an auxiliary word which means work or assignment. They add the letter 'n' to the word 'life' or tuvu to add more meaning. The letter 'n' refers to the action of working together.

Sintuvu means mutual support and working together, in families and even in society. Gotong royong is a tradition that is known to be part of the agriculture tradition of the Kaili tribe. In the Poso region, the same tradition is known by other terms, such as mapalus or babjuyu, specifically by the Taa ethnic group. The Poso Government applies the principles of gotong royong as the motto for their region, which is sintuvu marso which means to live together and to empower each other. The sintuvu concept is then made strong by the Sigi district, which is mareso masagena, which means staying together through thick and thin.

In Palu, sintuvu is implemented as the motto for the city masintuvu kita maroso, morambanga kita marisi, meaning united we are strong, together we are solid. Until today, Parigi Moutong District believes in the concept of sintuvu, especially in agriculture and fishing traditions. The Parigi Moutong Government immortalizes it in the motto songulara mombangu, which means united at heart to build. Sintuvu becomes a concept that ties all of the festivals in Central Sulawesi together that are held in Palu City, Sigi District, Poso District and Parigi Moutong District.

Sintuvu as a concept is celebrated with a chain of festivals in 4 cities/districts in Central Sulawesi. In Palu, a festival titled 'Palu Solende Percussion' is held. The meaning of sintuvu in this festival is applied with the involvement of artists and culturists, and also a network with several regions in Indonesia and other countries. In Parigi Moutong District, a festival titled 'Fula Dongga dalam Eksotika Khatulistiwa' (Fula Dongga in the Equatorial Exotica) will be held on the 13th - 17th of August 2018. 'Fula Dongga' festival implements the sintuvu concept by involving people and artists from 13 districts in Central Sulawesi. In the Sigi district, 'Festival Bunyi Bungi: Membaca Adab dan Peradaban' (understanding culture and civilization) will be held on the 30th of August - 1st of September 2018. The concept of sintuvu in this festival will be expressed through spectacle art, music and rituals. The word Bungi itself refers to land that is shaped by the receding of river water. Then, in Poso District, 'Festival Budaya Daerah Padungku' (Padungku Region Culture Festival) will be held on September - October 2018 as another form of the sintuvu concept.