Festival Fulan Fehan and Foho Rai

Belu District, East Nusa Tenggara, hosts Fulan Fehan Festival, as part of the Indonesiana 2018 platform. This time, the festival focuses on "Likurai Dance". This dance is derived from the myth of the origin of the Belu community. There was a time of conflict between the human race and the monkey to survive. Human race won the war. Then, the King ordered to organize the welcoming ceremony of war heroes and created "kolo kolo, bui muk" as a dance instrument. The women used the instrument and danced it in front of the traditional house. This victory dance is then called Likurai.

In keeping with the times, the Likurai dance is staged in official ceremonies. Even today, based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture in 2016, the Likurai Dance has been designated as the Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Before the grand event in the Fulan Fehan Valley, Foho Rai Festival will be firstly held as a way to showcase the cultural ecosystem of Likurai Dance as a cultural unit that will be amplified in Fulan Fehan Festival. According to the meaning from traditional literature, Foho Rai refers to "hometown or land of origin". For example, a nomad wants to go home, he always says "fila ba Foho Rai".

The ritual ceremonies at Foho Rai Festival includes Fohon Hare (delivery of grain/rice) rituals in Kampong Adat Matabesi; Ukun Badu rite (ban on customary forest misuse) at Alas Lulik Tur Mutu and rite of Hasa'e Kakaluk (supernatural request for strength and protection) in Ksadan Broatoas, Kampong Adat Raimanuk; rite of An Tama (hunting ceremony) in Kampong Adat Duarato-Nualain; and rites of Bei Gege Asu (build traditional house) and Nokar Ul (begging blessing) in Kampong Adat Dirun.

In addition to ritual ceremonies, safaris are also held around the villages, visiting the rock hills, traditional caves, sacred trees and water, ksadan (traditional meeting hall), weaving centers as well as the uniqueness of traditional houses. Other activities include culinary bazaars, culinary, outlets and weaving workshops, theatrical performances, literary performances, cultural performances of poem (Aikbabelen), folklore and fables (Aikanoik), traditional poetries on the history of the kampong in Indonesian and Tetun, to dance together, Likurai and Tebe.

At the end of the event in October 2018 will be presented Musical Performance of Likurai Enchantment that will be danced by about 1500 dancers, result of collaboration Eko Supriyanto with Belu artist figures like Rainer Koli, Pius Fahik, and Marsela Klau. The Likurai dancers will mingle, dance, and express together. They are not only from Belu, but also from the districts of Malacca, North Central Timor, and even Timor Leste. This colossal presentation will be a gathering event for cognate residents in Belu and surrounding areas, and is expected to be a way to tie the diversity of local culture and showcase the richness of Indonesian culture.