Fulan Fehan Festival


3 July - October 2018

Belu, East Nusa Tenggara

The Fulan Fehan Festival puts the spotlight on the Likurai Dance that has been named as an Intangible Cultural Heritage based on the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2016. The Likurai Dance was appointed as the main attraction of this festival as a means to support and strengthen the culture in that area. In addition, this dance becomes a tool to demonstrate the values of cooperation, hospitality, interaction, tolerance, and mutual respect between individuals. The highlight of this festival will be a grand dance that involves thousands of local dancers in the Fulan Fehan Valley.

The people of Belu Regency are part of the indigenous Timorese who live in four ethnic groups with each its own language: the Tetum with the Tetun language, the Bunaq (Marae Tribe) who speak Bunaq, the Dawan who speak Dawan, and Kemak who speak Kemak. The people of Belu mainly originated from the Melayu Tua race (Proto-Melayu) as the first group that first inhabited the Timor Island, the Melayu Muda race (Deutero-Melayu), and the Asian race (Chinese). The Proto-Malay, the Deutero-Malay and the Asian have since become swiftly intertwined in marriages that have lasted for thousands of years.

Before the grand spectacle in the Fulan Fehan Valley, the Foho Rai Festival will be showcased in 5 traditional villages. This festival will be an instrument to show the ecosystem supporting the Likurai Dance. The Likurai Dance is a culture and will be presented in its original habitat which is a traditional village.

The Fulan Fehan Valley is also an attractive landscape for photographers. Therefore, a "Photography Workshop" will be organized in this festival to hone the photographer's skills to boost Belu's cultural prosperity. Photography is a powerful tool to uncover a culture's potential. This workshop will be held in Atambua and Fulan Fehan. Short film screenings with the theme of culture and selected works of Belu students will also be shown in Atambua and Fulan Fehan in a series of contemporary arts using technology.