The Sounds of Sintuvu from Central Sulawesi


13 August - October 2018

Sigi, Poso, Parigi Moutong, Palu

Sintuvu means to support one another and to work together, be in the household or in the society. The gotong royong (mutual collaboration) tradition is well-known in the Kaili Tribe's agricultural practice. In Poso the same tradition is called Mapalus or Babjuyu, especially by the Taa ethnic group. Poso's local government made the gotong royong principle the root of its region's slogan Sintuvu Maroso which means to live together and support one another. The concept of Sintuvu is also accentuated by the motto of Sigi Regency Mareso Masagena which means to go through difficult and happy moments together.

The concept of Sintuvu will be celebrated through a series of festivals in 4 districts/cities in Central Sulawesi. The Palu Solende Percussion Festival will be held in Palu. The meaning of Sintuvu in this festival is shown through the involvement of cultural actors and artists, as well as networks with several regions in Indonesia and abroad. As a part of this festival, the Carnival Culture, World Percussion, Archipelago Percussion, Traditional Ritual Percussion, Workshop Percussion, Megalithic Culture Exhibition, and other activities will be presented from the 10th until 14th of August 2018.

Meanwhile, a festival named the Fula Dongga dalam Eksotika Khatulistiwa will be held in the Parigi Moutong area from the 13th until 17th of August 2018. The Fula Dongga Festival adopts the Sintuvu concept and involve the indigenous communities and artists from 13 districts in Central Sulawesi. Fula Dongga is a full moon tradition that is still practiced and preserved by the natives of several villages in the Parigi Moutong Regency.

The series of Fula Dongga activities will consist of art performances from 13 distrcits/cities throughout Central Sulawesi, cultural dialogue in the form of molinsonan cultural gathering (a forum where government officials and indigenous elders discuss together the cultural issues in each region), historical and archeological fairs.

Then, in the Sigi district, will be organized the Bunyi Bungi Festival: Interpreting Morals and Civilization, on the August 30th until September 1st, 2018. The concept of Sintuvu will be expressed through art performances, music and rituals in the Bunyi Bungi Festival. The word Bungi itself means a land that is formed when the river water recedes. This land is considered as a blessing because it is the very reason why people can grow corps. The list of activities in the Bunyi Bungi Festival include folk art performances from 14 sub-districts, contemporary art performance featuring 15 of Sigi's art communities, communities from various regions such as Palu, Donggala, Parimo and Buol, communities from abroad such as Austria, Japan, and Sinegal, and art communities from various cities in the archipelago such as Bali, Solo, Aceh, and Makassar.

Afterwards, the Padungku Regional Cultural Festival will be held in the Poso Regency in September until October 2018. Padungku is Pamona Tribe's ritual ceremony to show gratitude for their harvest. The Padungku ritual encourages the locals to do an open house and allow anyone to eat and drink inside their house. This tradition of visiting one another starts from house to house and then from village to village. There will also be dance competitions and traditional games in this festival. However, the highlight of this festival will be the Padungku ritual itself that will be performed in various villages in the Pamona and Tentena regions.